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  • Wish you had more time in your day?
  • Feeling exhausted and socially isolated?
  • Wondering why your siblings are not there to help and support you?
  • Do you feel confused on what to do next in your caregiving journey?

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My Story

When my dad passed away over 8 years ago. I automatically became the primary family carer for my mum.

I wasn't prepared for the work life balance challenges I'd be facing and didn't know how deep I'd be going down the rabbit hole. From juggling hospital, dental, optician, x-rays, MRI scans, memory & foot clinic, physio, hearing and doctors’ appointments. From handling tantrums to short term memory loss. Following up with the chemist for delayed medication, chasing the doctors for a prescription, calling out the chair lift engineer when a breakdown happens, arranging transport services, making sure my mum’s emotional and physical welfare is OK on a day to day basis, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, filling in online forms for the council, handling financial bills, dealing with siblings and the list goes on....

Does any of this sound familiar?

The thing is, at the time I didn’t know where to look for help or information on how to cope with all this. So I just carried on day after day firefighting to tape it all together and make it work, the best way I knew at the time. I guess what you don’t know, you don’t know!

The big problem was that the stress and depression crept up slowly. I didn’t realise and it affected my mental health in a big way, feeling isolated,lonely and burnt out. That meant while I was trying to care and give my mum a good quality of life. I’d be losing my own week by week, month by month and year by year. Even trying to go out on a date with a woman was definitely out of the question, I had no time or energy! Your friends disappear one by one as I never had time to meet them for dinner or drinks, because of my caring priorities. In time my whole life changed, it took up every second of my mental minutes. Just to keep my head above water and wondering how much more of this lifestyle I could take.....

Do You Want To Have...

Better Health

Maybe eat healthy or exercise more, but can't find the time during the day to do this, because you are tired and run down.

The Right Support

To simply take time out for yourself? Knowing where to look for the right information?

Dream Business

One day start your own side hustle or online business? To generate some extra income. But your caring priorities always take over. 

If You Don’t Create Your CARING SYSTEM And Claim Your Time Freedom Back Soon, You Will Remain Tired And Tired Keeps You Deflated And UNHAPPY.

Show me JUST ONE successful carer you look up to that doesn't have some sort of system to keep things on track.

You can’t!

That’s because they understand something you may have not known about until today.

When people look calm from the outside, inside they are putting systems, processes and strategies together to make their life even better. They are tweaking their system everyday. But the outsider sees them as the AUTHORITY, the EXPERT, the BEST, someone to aspire too! 

And NO ONE can be the BEST at everything (that includes YOU and ME). But anyone CAN be OUTSTANDING at one thing given the right guidance and practice… 

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Have A Look At These Questions, Which One Resonates The Most For You.

  • Who am I to create a system?
  • What if it's too technical?
  • What if family want to do things the old way and I don't think they will be open to change?
  • What if it takes too long to set up?
  • How will I juggle my caring priorities or work and this training?
  • Do I really need a digital system, good ol' pen n paper works fine for me? 

Listen! I've been where you are right now. These same questions entered my mind a long time ago. I knew if I didn't find a way soon I would be burnt out, tired and unhappy by the end of the year. Or even worse repeat the whole procrastination cycle every year like clock work!

This sort of mindset keeps so many carers stuck and they do not do anything, because of it.

That's when I started looking for solutions and said enough is enough. I created my own caring system that has given me my energy and time freedom back. Turn this situation around 180 degrees and to your advantage TODAY, fill in the quick survey. Don't you think it's "About Time" you gave yourself a break!

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