The 5 Step Family

Caregiver Roadmap

A free guide for all family caregivers looking for a simple plan to create more time and energy in their world.

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In This Guide, You'll Learn:

Self care is probably the number 1 skill most family caregivers don't have time for. Integrating a few easy things into your daily routine will have you back on track.

How and when is the best time to talk to family members about your loved one's health care preferences.

Begin to identify who are the key members in your family, so you can start to create your game plan.

Understand who the primary caregiver is in the family (Maybe it's just you!) and the best way to communicate and create a small team to help you. 

Tips on organising your caring information, having a backup plan in place and making your home a safe environment for your loved one.

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A personal message from Hitesh...

I have walked my talk. This guide has been created, so you don't have to do it the hard way.

That's right; it took me a long time to find my rhythm and realise how my daily actions were either helping or hindering me.

I have condensed the most important lessons I learnt to teach you how to unleash your inner "caregiver boss" and build habits that will benefit you and your loved ones over the long term.

"Achieve more by doing less, don't you think it's about time..."